Updates & Fixes – Week of November 11th

Hello all! We’ve been working hard recently on some functionality updates and bug fixes to improve the overall experience and stability of the site. You’ll find the list below. We’re also working on some cool new features that we’ll be releasing in the next few months, including some things that will help with moodboard productivity.

The list:

  • Refreshed all profile images from Twitter. Remember, you can refresh your profile image yourself if you’ve changed it on Twitter by going to your edit profile page.
  • Added the ability to move individual mats to a different board. You can edit your mats by visiting the board they are on and clicking the “edit” link below each one. The edit screen now has the option of moving the mat to a different board.
  • Added the ability to deselect an option when sharing new mats to social networks. Previously when adding a mat, if you selected to share to Facebook or Twitter, you could not deselect those options if you changed your mind. Well, now you can!
  • Fixed the settings link in outgoing emails to make sure you’re signed in to the site first.
  • Fixed an issue that affected a couple of browsers where if you were to sign out and then sign back in, the site would load in a popup.

As always, let us know your thoughts about The Matboard by leaving a comment or emailing info@thematboard.com. You can also let us know about any bugs you encounter by emailing bugs@thematboard.com. Please share any feedback you may have!

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