Updates and Fixes – Week of March 4th

In addition to the creation of the blog this week, where we’ll be updating you with all the latest news and features of The Matboard, we’ll also have a weekly listing of some of the updates and bug fixes we’ve implemented. We’re constantly growing and working on the site to make it the best place for creatives to explore, share, and inspire. We can’t do it without your help though, and in the coming weeks we’ll be putting into place a proper feedback and bug reporting system to make it easier for you to report bugs and for us to gather the information we’ll need to fix them. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback so far, so keep it coming!

Here are some of the things we’ve fixed/added this week:

  • Added the follow and block buttons to profile pages
  • Fixed an issue where some users were seeing “unknown user” for Matboard emails
  • Upgraded our database infrastructure to alleviate slow load times
  • Fixed some broken board link issues on profile pages
  • Added a mat report option to be able to report images or videos that aren’t working

While bug fixes are cool and all, we have some really amazing new features on the horizon that just might blow your mind and make the creative process even easier. So keep adding and sharing all of your creative work and be on the look out for all the things we have in store!

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