Simple Direct Messages

Today we rolled out a small new feature. It’s a very simple (keywords “very” and “simple”) direct messaging system allowing you to further connect with other creatives. Want to tell someone you like their work? Message ‘em! Want to reach out to someone to fill in some project gaps? Message ‘em! Want to discuss how orange really is the new black? You get the idea.

Here’s how it works:


Go to the profile of the person you wish to send a message to and click the “message” button under their profile photo. A new message dialog will pop up. Type your message, click “send!”, and you’re all set.


When someone sends you a message, you’ll receive a notification with a link to your messages page. You can also get to your messages by clicking on the “me” drop-down and then clicking “my messages”.


On the messages page, you can see all your incoming and outgoing messages with a simple reply box underneath each conversation. You can also remove old conversations by clicking the ‘X’ next to the user’s name.

We hope this simple messaging system adds value and helps facilitate connecting with other creatives. As with any new feature, there is the potential for some hiccups. If you experience any, let us know at

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