New Features, Streamlined Navigation, Simple Notifications

Over the past few weeks we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback. We’re excited seeing all the great content you’ve been posting and love hearing your thoughts on how the site can improve. Based on your feedback, we’ve just rolled out some brand new features and updates that we think will make the site more user friendly and easier to find the creative things you’re looking for.

the matboard

If you haven’t noticed already, the entire menu system has been redesigned and rebuilt. This new menu allows more content on the screen at once, giving you the ability to see more of the things you’re looking for with less scrolling. We’ve also made it easier to share The Matboard with friends using the “social” and “share” buttons.

We’ve also streamlined and added collections for even more content options.

the matboard collections

The layout makes it easier to find the collections you’re looking for. Or, you can also click on a collection heading and see everything in that particular category.

Finally, we’ve added an extremely useful notification system.

the matboard notifications


You are now alerted via notification when someone likes, comments, re-mats, or follows you. If you click “See All” you’re taken to a full list of all your notifications for the past seven days. This makes it much easier to connect with other creatives and see which of your mats are getting attention! You also have the ability to customize your notifications by going to “notification settings” in the “me” menu. This includes the ability to select a once a day or weekly notification email.

We hope you find that these new features make it easier to explore, share, and inspire. As always, give us your feedback and keep letting us know how we can improve. More features are on the way!

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